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Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus personal stories of recovery through gentle, healing yoga.                                   Copyright 2015 by cfsKnowledgeCenter, Inc. A 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus Personal Stories of Recovery With Healing Yoga

Tracey's is a journey from a life not worth living to one of joy and true happiness.

It is nothing short of a miracle that she is alive let alone now living in a state of bliss and deep satisfaction that her life's challenges are the very reason why she is so effective in helping others to overcome theirs.

Care to ask Tracey a question or two or even inquire about working with her directly via Skype, video or even the telephone?

You need only to Ask Tracey.

This yoga practice session is the very one which Tracey developed, and practiced daily, for her own recovery from sexual abuse, alcoholism, anxiety, depression and other addictions.

The session will lead you to feeling better, stronger and more alive every time you view it.
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Heroin . . . just the word itself conjures up the most unimaginably horrible state of being. Jeffrey's heroin addiction may have been the nadir of his struggle with his anxiety, depression and addictions but he is developing a state of peace and equanimity that is absolutely beautiful to behold. See it for yourself from successive viewing of these two videos made in September of 2013 and June, 2015. 
The foundation of Jeffrey's path towards wellness is yoga. True yoga, yoga involving meditation and a disciplined approach to freeing himself of the many masks and behaviors he has adopted over the years to hide his pain.
Recovery yoga is about attaining a clear and undeniable sense of well being. To allow yourself to be fully alive, to live and walk among others with confidence and loving kindness.
First, and foremost, recovery yoga involves recognizing the goodness and pureness of our original state of being. It centers upon releasing oneself from the burdens of those events and perceptions in our younger days which caused us to subconsciously wear masks and adopt behaviors to protect and hide our true self from the judgement and harm of others.
Who better to help you find acceptance, release and the fullness of life than one who has experienced many years of a life not worth living with an destructive addiction to alcohol, eating disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  
Tracey O'Hara's dramatic transformation in 2008, and subsequent comprehensive training in Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Strategic Intervention Life Coaching and Yoga for Addictions coupled with her own realization that she was destined to serve others combine to make her a very special person . . . a person with a first hand knowledge of your pain and the expertise to help you on your path towards wellness.
Regardless of your age, level of physical ability, experience with yoga, or even the level of your personal challenges, you can progress on your path towards wellness with regular practice along with the Recovery Yoga video.
To learn more, take just a couple of minutes to watch the inspirational videos below.