Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus personal stories of recovery through gentle, healing yoga.                                   Copyright 2015 by cfsKnowledgeCenter, Inc. A 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus Personal Stories of Recovery With Healing Yoga

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Bedbound, or so weak that you spend days, if not even weeks, living on a sofa or recliner? 
This gentle, healing yoga instruction video is likely to surprise you with how sweet and easy a journey on the path to wellness can be.

You'll quickly begin to see and feel the results that regular practice will yeild. 
Just three minutes is all it takes to preview the series, as well as Sandhya's sweet and gentle bedridden yoga instruction, by watching the video above. Then, you'll want to get the entire series.

If you haven't done so already, take a look at the tutorial videos On Intention & Postures as well as On Breathing which are at the bottom of the Gentle Healing page.

Then come back and check out this second session in the Reclining Yoga video yoga instruction series and savor once more the loving kindness of this extraordinary yoga instructor.

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Sandhya brings a deep and abiding understanding to those whose lives are restricted to a reclining position and emotional impact that accompanies such a restriction.

The simple fact is, however, that such a restriction absolutely does not keep you from attaining the tremendous benefits of a proper yoga practice.

Under Sandhya's sweet and gentle, but very effective, guidance you're likely to be surprised at how quickly you'll advance on your own path towards wellness.

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