Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus personal stories of recovery through gentle, healing yoga.                                   Copyright 2015 by cfsKnowledgeCenter, Inc. A 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus Personal Stories of Recovery With Healing Yoga

For those with Limited Physical Mobility.

Osteoarthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and a double hip replacement are among the conditions of the students in this group. If you tell any one of them that they shouldn't be practicing yoga you might just get a dirty look in reply.

By the way, three of them have both cancer and arthritis.

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Slow Burn Yoga, a full 60 minute session with Priyanka and a few of her students. 

Priyanka claims her classes are of a moderate to advanced level. That may be what she thinks but there are many starting students who attend regularly and every class has any number of yoga instructors and very advanced practitioners in attendance as well. 

Watch the preview and judge for yourself as to whether or not you are ready for a full class with Priyanka. To view, click on the image to the left or HERE.

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Short n Sweet, no matter the level of your yoga practice or the number of years you've been practicing, you're likely to find that this very sweet and complete practice fits nicely into a busy schedule.

Alternate your practice between A Gentle Beginning and Easing In for a more diversified practice program as you progress on your path towards wellness. 
To watch a preview of the session click on the image to the left or HERE.

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Easing In may well be the perfect session to transition a starting practice to a more active one.

It's also a great way to transition in the morning from that just awakened drowsiness into a fully conscious state, and unity, of mind, body and spirit. 
As it takes only 25 minutes to complete, you may even find it more satisfying than that first cup of coffee.

To watch a preview of the session click on the image to the left or HERE.

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For those with Severe Limitations. 

Paraplegia, cancer, stroke, congestive heart failure, gout and other debilitating conditions need stop you from the proper practice of yoga on your path towards wellness. If you think they should, then you are invited to view this session with Priyanka and her students.
Should you like to see more sessions like this, send us an email with your special request.

About Priyanka, there few instructors with as many followers with the level of enthusiasm of Priyanka's.

Arthritics, diabetics, cancer surgery recovery patients and octogenarians are among those found in virtually every class. So, too, are those who come with emotional issues. She offers no miracle cures or quick fix solutions but those who come with full intent and determination find help along along the way. 
Take a couple of minutes to watch these inspiring stories.

A Gentle Beginning reveals that a complete and proper healing yoga practice needn't take more than a few minutes and may even be practiced by those who are bed bound.

This session is practiced entirely in a seated position. 

It is, in fact, a gentle session and if you've never practiced yoga before, or are concerned with your own ability take just two minutes to view the preview.

To watch the preview, click on the image to the left or HERE.

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What You Need to Know, this is the place to start.

Priyanka Shanbag speaks about the basic building blocks of a proper yoga practice. A practice which goes far beyond just physical exercise.
David I. Kurtz, M.D. provides a clear, concise and compelling overview of the medical benefits of yoga.
One which allows the body, mind and spirit to work in harmony to not only meet the physical and emotional challenges of life but to create a state of equanimity and well being.

Simple, clear directions like; "It doesn't matter if you can assume a position perfectly. This is a breathing class", as well as affirmations like "When you fall into deep waters, it's not to drown, it's to be refreshed" have given Priyanka Shanbag celebrity status and classes of up to 150 people per session.

Born in Bombay, India, Priyanka's authenticity, gentle approach and sense of humor in her teaching healing yoga are the foundation which elicits comments like "Priyanka's amazing" or "I wouldn't dream of missing a class" after every class she teaches.

To discover just how much this singularly gifted healing yoga teacher is loved and appreciated by her students watch the video About Priyanka below. Then watch a couple of her healing yoga videos and find yourself falling under her spell as well.