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January 7.2016: Pasquale “Pat” Fiore lies unconscious in an intensive care ward at the VA hospital in West Palm Beach.
He is very heavily sedated with a respirator which is breathing for him. He lies flat on his back securely restrained in a special rotating bed which can be turned periodically to allow his lungs to function better.  He has a nurse in his room to constantly monitor his condition and immediately respond as may be needed.​
Pat started feeling a little weak in the middle of last week and by Friday evening he was admitted to the VA hospital and put in their intensive care unit.  He will remain on the respirator under close supervision for at least the next few days.
Please pray for him.
You might also send him your best wishes via Facebook or even a card or note to Pasquale Fiore c/o VA Hospital, 7305 N Military Trail, Riviera Beach, FL 33410. If you'd like to get regular updates on his condition, you need only ASK.
The irony is that in the last three months Pat has made an truly remarkable progress in his recovery from the severe anxiety and depression from PTSD he has suffered with over the last 44 years since his service in Vietnam.
Pat credits his so very much of his remarkable recovery from severe anxiety and depression to the work he has done with Tracey O’Hara and her sessions on Kundalini yoga and meditation. Pat’s progress is being documented in a series of video journals he has been making which can be viewed above.
Pat is my very close friend. I so admire his courage and determination to be fully alive and savor each moment of his life no matter his circumstances.   Dan Moricoli 

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December 30, 2015, at the end of today's Kundalini yoga class with Tracey O'Hara. Among my classmates today were Sofia on my right and Rosanna on my left. I can't begin to fully explain what an incredible difference Tracey and her Kundalini yoga classes and videos have had on significantly reducing the symptoms of my severe anxiety and depression. I am really beginning to think that my health and wellbeing will be fully restored.

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Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness to overcome physical, emotional and behavioral challenges plus Personal Stories of Recovery With Healing Yoga

January 8, 2016  Indications are that Pat is improving. He still lies unconscious with a respirator breathing for him in the intensive care unit but he is no longer in the revolved therapy bed and the nurse is no longer immediately at his bedside monitoring his condition.  Please pray for this brave man.