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Healing yoga for those who think they are too ill, too old or too infirm to take up a proper yoga practice

Yoga On The Path Towards Wellness Healing Yoga instruction For Those With Physical And Behavioral Challenges

Healing Yoga instruction For Those With Physical And Behavioral Challenges

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Yoga: What You Need to Know, a great place to start . Click on image.

We each have our own measure of physical and/or emotional pain. Healing yoga is a highly effective pathway towards relieving that pain. When undertaken with full intent and determination, and with proper guidance, healing yoga enables us to:

  1. Not only withstand the emotional as well as physical challenges of our lives, but go beyond them to a state of equanimity.
  2. Improve our body's physical condition for optimum performance healing itself as circumstances require.
  3. Develop a steady, calm and powerful mind as well as a clear "sense of self".

The perception of yoga as just an alternative form of exercise only resides in those who have yet to practice under proper guidance. Give yourself the gift of a true path towards wellness of body, mind and spirit. As little as 10 minutes a day can make a real difference.